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Case Study

Valued Partnership with a Tier 1 Fashion


*Our Client is available to discuss the project and the impact to their business upon request.

Business Problem

One of the Tier 1 Retailers with $3B+ in annual sales needed help in addressing real business challenges:

  1. Inconsistencies across pricing systems caused both lost sales and premature promotions resulting in lost margin

  2. Processing time and batch runs took place over several days perpetuating profit loss

  3. Time execution from Planning Decisions to Pricing Approval was hindered by errors and manual conflict checking requiring FTEs to manage an antiquated system


Following a successful EPS implementation

  1. EPS has had an immediate impact on the bottom line resulting in substantial dollars in additional gross sales and profit margin

  2. EPS system dynamics decreases the time to execute by more than 50%

  3. Greater systems integration from EPS resulted in the ability to refocus resources on regional pricing and other opportunities

EPS is a fully customizable price management solution

that can be quickly integrated into your current systems.

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