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Achieve greater pricing synergies and local market optimization through Dynamic Pricing Functionality

Remove wasted time and achieve greater profit margin through ClearSight Conflict Resolution

Enable faster approvals, secure SOX compliance and empower buyers with near real-time data management

Experience greater flexibility by managing events on the product, category, box and regional levels

Capture global, national, regional and local opportunities through flexible product sorting and filter functionality

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Business Opportunity

Every year retailers lose significant dollars due to legacy systems that lack the functionality to address conflict resolution at the speed of retail in today’s omni-channel reality.


New technologies enable retailers to capture new revenue, increase profit margins and fine tune inventory levels across brick-and-mortar and e-commerce channels.

Success Driven

EPS is focused on your success metrics: ROI, Increased Revenue, Profit, and Pricing Flexibility

Pricing Capabilities

Raising the Bar

Price Management

Current regular prices and permanent prices

Simple Promotions (Price Point, $ Off, % Off)

Complex Promotions (X for $Y, BOGO)

Stacked Promotions

Support for multi-currency and global store locations.

ClearSight Conflict Checking

Prevent the same item with the same status, in the same store, for the same date from being on two competing promotions or price changes.

Include and Exclude

To simplify data entry, include items at one level in the merchandise hierarchy and exclude items at a lower level in the hierarchy.

Example: Include Department 10, but Exclude Class 1010 from that Department.


Import pricing lists, store lists, and item lists from other tools.  (Excel, etc.) using copy/paste functionality.

Emergency Capabilities

Process for mid-day or Emergency pricing that can be executed and pushed to the stores in minutes to all channels of the business.

Clear View

Clear views of what promotions and pricing are active in the chain and at store level, as well as historical views of prior pricing.


Approval process to release price events.  Helps maintain SOX compliance by segregating the associate entering the pricing from the associate approving the pricing.

Item Status

Manage item status, allowing items to be recognized as presentation or clearance in different markets or channels.


Store Bulletins to alert store associates of the pricing changes effective in their store.


Item Flexibility

Items can be added, ended, and paused on active events.

Example: The business wants to keep the BOGO 50% off the box running, but wants move one product category to another event.

Store Flexibility

Stores can be added, ended, and paused on active events.

Promotional Flexibility

Promotions can be applied to all, some, or one item classification.

-Presentation Only Events

-Clearance/Redlines Only Events

-Entire Box

User Flexibility

Events can be sorted and filtered to drill into the specific needs of the users.

-Filter all price actions and events that include a Department.

-List at all Events that are Active in an store.

-Every data element in the EPS main view can be sorted and/or filtered.

Copy Flexibility

Events can be copied from active or past events to a new event.

Or just the items can be copied to a new event.

Set and Forget

Automatically apply items that change status to the “active” events for that status.

Example: An Item is moved from Presentation to Clearance and if the store is running 60% OFF Clearance, the item would automatically ring on that event.

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